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10 Best Floor Jacks 2018

Regularly taking your car into the garage for minor repairs and maintenance can get quite expensive, but with the right tools and a little bit of know-how, you can cut the costs down by working on your car at home. Any time you need to lift the

7 Best 50cc Scooters of 2018

Scooters are useful, affordable vehicles that come in handy for short distances. Whether you want to go to your local market, use it for daily commute to college/workplace or just amble around the neighborhood – a scooter is a good, economical mode of transportation. As with other

10 Best CB Antennas 2018

Many people thought that with the advent of cell phones and other more advanced forms of communication that CB Radios would soon die out, but this has proven to hardly be the case. The CB radio and accessory market is still thriving thanks to truckers, travelers and

10 Best Jumper Cables 2018

Buying the best jumper cables may seem trivial to those that just keep the cables in their car as a formality. However, if you are concerned with ensuring the cables you do have in your car are the best whenever an emergency does happen then you need

10 Best In-Dash Navigation 2018

An intuitive and responsive navigation system fitted to your vehicle’s dash offers so much more than providing navigation – something a portable unit doesn’t do. It enhances the stereo experience by offering better compatibility across mobile devices, Bluetooth connectivity and much more. The market is flooded with

10 Best Police Scanners 2018

Police scanners are useful little devices that provide reliable local area communication. Often referred to as radio scanners, they equip you to pick up a wide range of radio signals used for local communication. They are handy devices for police, sheriff, medical teams, rescue squads, media, traffic

6 Best Portable Jump Starters 2018

A jump starter is an important tool at your disposal, particularly if your area faces extreme cold weather. Cold start and dead batteries are common car problems and a jump starter is a handy tool to overcome it. Basically a set of enclosed batteries with cables, jump

6 Best Off Road Lights 2018

Off-road adventures are certainly fun during the day, but in order to stay safe at night, you’re going to need some additional lighting to help you stay on track. Choosing the right lighting for off-roading requires you to understand a bit about the different products out there,

10 Best Backup Camera 2018

Buying the best backup camera for your car means having a system that is easy to use and will suit the vehicle that you already have. For those that are not already familiar with the specs and uses of backup cameras, making the right purchase can prove

6 Best Ice Scrapers 2018

We’re guessing that you’re out searching for the best ice scraper because the one you bought at the 99-cent store lasted less than a week. Are we right? While it may seem like a very insignificant purchase for your car, a reliable ice scraper is everyone’s dream