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Best Carnauba Wax 2020

For true car enthusiasts there is no better option for bringing out the vibrancy of paintwork than carnauba wax. Even after the first use you will notice the difference in both shine and the added protection. While you might already be sold on the benefits of using

6 Best Spray Waxes 2020

Waxing your car comes with numerous benefits including protection against bugs, sun rays, road grime and even tree sap. However, most traditional car waxes take a long time to apply, making it a tedious task that most car owners tend to avoid. Fortunately, spray waxes only require

10 Best Car Waxes 2020

We all wish that our new car could remain in the same pristine condition it was I when we first set eyes on it. The fact of the matter is that a couple months after buying your new ride, it can start to look a little unloved

Best Wax for Black Cars 2020

For those that own black cars in particular, it can be incredibly important to maintain the look of the car. Not only does this color show all of the dirt and dust that it collects clearly but it is also the color that plainly shows when the

Best Wax for White Cars 2020

Owning a white car can seem like a great idea at first but it quickly becomes very clear that it is almost impossible to keep the vehicle gleaming for very long. Unless you are driving the car in the cleanest areas of the most spotless city then